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Come and ride in Moto Angeles along the beaches of Spanish Costa del Sol and get your free leather suit to take home.  In the fifth year of its operation Moto Angeles proudly presents a very special offer directed to Irish and UK bikers. We put together an amazing price and a special welcome gift:  an „X-four” 1 pc leather suit as used by young Spanish racers in the „Cuna de Campeones” championship. Have a look at pictures below. In 2022 we’ve given out over 100 suits to our guests already – make sure you don’t miss out on this very special offer for UK & Ireland!  

You know how they always give you the price last? Well, we do a lot of thing differently at Moto Angeles. So here it is : 985 euros . It gets you a week in Moto Angeles which includes:  a brand new leather suit as a welcome gift, rental car for duration of your stay (pick up upon arrival at Alicante airport), a double room in our hacienda for 7 nights ( non riding partner stays free), five days of bike training ( 2 days of flat track on 250cc bikes, 3 days of MiniGP bikes on race circuit – damages, tires, fuel included in the price, so no worries). Oh yeah, and some complementary road bikes to share for a small wiz around our fantastic local roads. 

No hidden costs!  You will find the total list of expenses  at the very bottom-  so scroll down now, or check it out later.  To find our exact location please type „Moto Angeles” in Google Maps.  We can host a maximum of 8 riders per week + their non riding parents . Please note that you can bring your non riding partner free of charge as long as she or he shares the same room and bed with you.  


Moto Angeles? What’s that? 

It’s more of a state of mind than a place… It is all about chill and fun, riding fast and dying old.

However the main goal of Moto Angeles is to provide effective training camp type of holidays for all levels of riders. We will give you a training bike that suits your ability (choosing from our fleet of flat trackers, Kawasaki KX85 supermotos, SK1 supermotos, MiniGP or pit bikes) . During the five days of training you will start with flat track to build your basic understanding of slide control, and importance of the bike pick up on acceleration. We train right next to the beach and don’t worry – if you are just starting we will put you on a pit bike, then you’ll get a bigger bike 🙂

You will then try to transfer important elements of your flat track basics to tarmac riding with our MiniGP or KX85 supermoto training bikes ( or pit bikes for beginners – all depends on your skill level) 

Your Moto Angeles Week  

You arrive on Saturday. Your welcome gift leather suit will be waiting in your room. If we get the size wrong don’t worry – we will get you the correct one right away. 


Sunday – a day off. Its your day off to load up batteries before the hard bike training that’s ahead of you in the week. You can drive or ride to beautiful beaches of Cabo de Gata, or simply chill by the pool. 

Monday & Tuesday – the flat track days. We try to copy MotoGP rider’s training schemes. They spend a lot of time on flat track. If you haven’t tried it you will soon understand why it’s so important for developing your riding skills. We will split into 2 groups, four riders each, and spend 4 hours of training ( morning/afternoon ) with each group, each day. 

Wednsday/ Thursday/ Friday – asphalt track days

On the first day we work mostly on our body position at lean. We try to get your knee and elbow down.. Sometimes we go even further 🙂

For more advanced riders we will go into slide control – for this we use SK1 and KX85cc supermotos. That’s how you will work on the corner entry :

Here you will find an example of how we work on the corner exit :

But mainly we do focus on the correct lines an positioning because all of those cool looking sliding skills are worthless if you can’t direct the bike in the right direction. During the course of the training you will be filmed multiple times. We will pinpoint what needs changing and then you will try to be safer and faster. So come and get some of that action :

Who’s coaching?

Hosting your week in Moto Angeles will be an ex UK’s Fast Bikes magazine road tester Pete Surowiec- you can see him ride on most films above. There’s a good chance he has’t forgot all his English. After working for Fast Bikes he launched his own publication i in Poland which with time turned into one of the country’s leading websites. All this was to finance his racing obsession. After becoming a regular podium finisher in Polish Supersport and STK600 National Championship, in spite being 100 years old, he decided to move to Spain to further improve his skills. This is where for the past five years he is getting his ass regularly kicked by all Pedro Acosta alikes  in all possible kinds of racing. He says you need people like him, because he always says the truth 🙂 even when he lies. 

How to book ?

This special offer is a steal, but in return we want all the money upon booking, as we need to pay for your suit as well as for your car hire much in advance. For those very reasons this is also a nonrefundable offer. However if any force majeure occurs  we will let you change the date of your stay in Moto Angeles. Just don’t resign for no reason and ask us for your money back – they would be long gone anyway, spent on race tires :). 

So if you think Moto Angeles is for you then pick up a date from available dates below and send an e-mail to Pete at [email protected] . We need your height and weight to order your suit so please include this information an e-mail as well. You can also call Pete on +48 602 590 508, or text him. 

Below you will find the list of all available places for 2022 – the rest is sold out.

Dates available: 

04-11 of June : 2 riding places available 

11-18 of June : 2 riding places available 

18-25 of June : 5 riding places available 

9-16   of July : 2 riding places available 

16-23 of July: 2 riding places available 

23-30 of July: 6 riding places available 

06-13 of August: 5 riding places available 

13-20 of August: 2 riding places available 

20-27 of August: 2 riding places available 

12-19 of November: 4 riding places available 

19-27 of November: 5 riding places available 

So what are the extra expenses? 

1.) You need to get your own flight to Alicante to pick up a rental car arranged by us prior your arrival. Should you wish to drive from home, or fly elsewhere and rent a car on your own terms you will get a discount of 140 euro. So your total payment for Moto Angeles weekly stay would be just 845 euros. 

2) The price of your Moto Angeles package includes payment for the car rental for 7 days and basic insurance. With this you will be asked for a deposit of 345 euro at the car rentals desk. You have a choice of leaving no deposit, and waving all financial responsibility in case of any accidents with an additional 64 euro of insurance. You can also add another driver for 21 euro. It’s all for you to choose at car rentals desk or you can arrange it earlier though us. 

3) Car fuel for your rental car is also at your expense. It will take you 2,5 hours to get to Moto Angeles from Alicante. It is a long but nice drive on the A7 highway along the cost of Spain. You will find our exact location by typing „Moto Angeles” in Google Maps. 

2.) You need to feed yourself 🙂.  3 course meal in the local restaurant costs 11 euro – that’s beer and coffee included! If you feel like spending more you can use one of many restaurants located on the beach. You can also use the kitchens and the barbecue in our hacienda to do your own meals. 

3) If you use our road bikes there is no extra cost but you will need to pay for your own fuel. We take no deposits but we ask to honor a gentlemen agreement that if you crash our bike when riding we will ask you to cover up to 500 euros.  

5) You will need to pay 60 euro ( total for 3 days) to Cuicuito de Copo  – an asphalt mini race track where we do 3 days of riding. That’s payable on the spot – cosh or credit card.

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